Physical and Data Security

Each organization has its own typical Information Security and Management System and policies thereof, we continuously strive to modify our Information Security System so as to ensure that we comply with the requirements of each client. Data may be shared with us through Virtual Private Network (VPN) enabled laptops, shared drive access to a shared drive located at Client’s server or by hosting data on a QP server.

The IT infrastructure and policies of our facility in New Delhi has state-of-the-art data protection measures, firewalls and equipment to protect the confidentiality of your information and give peace of mind to our clients. Our robust system and policies allows us to proudly state that ‘Your data is safe with us’.

Our Organisation is ISMS Certified and complies with ISO/IEC-27001/2013 standards which measures to ensure the safety of the sensitive and confidential information of our clients.

We can also provide dedicated physical facility for high risk projects, wherein the resources are not allowed to carry their mobile phones or any other equipment inside the room where data is processed or stored. Such closed working spaces are heavily monitored through our internal analytics systems and any reportable incidence is included in our weekly tracker report.