Litigation Support

QPLSPL Litigation and eDiscovery Solutions Team can give your corporation or law firm the cost certainty to stay within budget and the process-driven excellence that you can trust. We believe that while every case has unique set of facts and circumstances, there are certain standards that allows for the formulation of efficient processes that if followed in a specific order can ensure that the data involved in each case is handled in a cost effective and time efficient manner allowing for organized management of data, easy retrieval and effective client representation. Electronic data is considered different from paper information because of its intangible form, volume, transience and persistence. Electronic data are identified as potentially relevant by attorneys and is then extracted and analyzed using digital forensic procedures, and is reviewed using a document review platform. Here at QPLSPL, we have a very robust document review process which is useful to aggregate, assimilate and search large quantities of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) with a relatively short Turn-Around-Time (TAT). We have a robust Electronic Security System (ESS) that affords maximum levels of confidentiality and security to our clients.

QP Legal Services can prepare all types of standard documentation for litigation support including:
Preparation of Legal Notices, Summons & Complaints.
Research and Analysis of every individual case.
Drafting Interrogatories.
Scrutiny of Documents.
Preparation of Affidavits.
Preparation of witness lists.
Preparation of timeline of events and exhibits.

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