Contract Management

1. Contract Review and Management
QPLSPL contract review and management services can help you increase internal productivity and ensure legal compliance across the contract lifecycle. Our client-dedicated team of attorneys summarizes and analyses key contractual terms and identifies missing, corrupt and duplicate files. The QPLSPL Contract Review and Management team is comprised of skilled and experienced attorneys in contract drafting, management and abstraction. We follow a three tier six-sigma compliant process, for Contract Drafting, Management and Abstraction with a very innovative and technology backed-up approach to eliminate any possibility of errors.

  First Line Review (FLR) – This is a first look at the contract, the contract is reviewed and processed strictly as per the ‘playbook’ which is a composition of the precise understanding of processes to be performed on each contract forming part of the assignment.
  Peer Quality Check (QC) – This is a quality check and a second more thorough look at the contracts for quality assurance, any errors that may have been committed during the FLR are identified during the Peer QC.
  Quality Analysis– This is the final look at each contract by experts, project managers and Senior Associates. We at QP Legal Services Private Limited treat each contract with same level of precision by three levels of managed reviewers to eliminate all possible errors.

The QPLSPL Contract Review and Management team has successfully performed more than 500 contract reviewing, abstraction and managing assignments and has emerged as a perfect blend exhibiting speed, accuracy, efficiency and transparency in its operations. Our experienced and enthusiastic lawyers educated from best law schools in India, US and UK always deliver best quality solutions. We have laid our foundations benefiting from the multi-judicial platform. We offer Contract Management for a wide range of contracts. These contracts range from high value Commercial Contract to NDAs including IT & software contracts, Distributor agreements, industry specific agreements such as master agreements, amendments, attachments, amended and re-instated agreements etc. Our services include:

  Identification & summarizing of key information in accordance to the Playbook, checklist or guidelines developed in consultation with the client.
  Capturing variations if any, to the standard terms & conditions followed by the Contract.
  Creation of checklist templates after broadly classifying different Contracts.
  Contract Drafting Services
  Contract Analysis and Negotiations Services
  Ongoing Contract Abstraction and Database Management Services

2. Contract Life-Cycle Management
We have effective processes for managing the entire lifecycle of client contracts, from intake to creation, drafting, negotiating, preparing summaries, and managing renewals and terminations. Our end-to-end services are designed to provide your organization with an ongoing solution that gives you greater visibility into your contract practices, so you can ensure compliance, properly manage risks, and leverage better commercial terms. Although QPLSPL provides tailor-made solutions that complements the long-term and short-term goals of its clients, a Contract Life Cycle Management assignment at QPLSPL has the following characteristics :

  Recommend best practices to help corporate legal or procurement departments improve internal processes
  Provide enhanced visibility and compliance control of live and legacy contracts
Contract Production:
  Draft, review and negotiate contracts
  Assist with internal approval or procurement processes and archive contracts in a centralized database for quick and easy searching
Ongoing Intelligence:
  Use advanced reporting tools to help with obligation management
  Identify potential areas of risk or breach of contract due to missing, incomplete, and/or non-executed contracts