Compliance & Risk Management

We provide Compliance & Risk Management services to our domestic as well as international Clients on a wide range of strategies for managing different issues of Corporate Risk Management, Governance and Statutory and Regulatory Compliance. QPLSPL provides a wide gamut of services in relation to Compliance and Risk Management as discussed herein.

International Compliance Services

1) Corporate Compliance: QPLSPL provides International Corporate compliance services which include but is not limited to providing assistance and support in relation to the following:

Standards and Procedures
Monitoring and Reporting requirements
Response to Wrongdoing
Required policies
Information notices

2) IT and Data Privacy Laws:
The global IT and Data Privacy Laws are extremely important in the corporate domain and compliance with these laws is a necessity. Failure to comply with these laws could be detrimental for a company. Therefore, QP has a special team for IT and Data Privacy Laws to help companies comply with these laws. The IT and Data Privacy team at QP has substantial knowledge of international laws pertaining to IT and Data Privacy including but not limited to:

Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC
e-Privacy Directive 2002/58/EC
General Data Protection Regulation
Children Online Privacy Protection Act 1998
California Security Act

We have a specialized team to work on "Internet of things",a rapidly growing field being pursued by many technology Companies.