Students and Graduates
If you are looking for a career in a premier legal practice that will give you the opportunity to participate in a first-class training programme, gain experience, work on cutting-edge deals and learn from lawyers who are leaders in their field of practice, then QP Legal Services Pvt. Ltd. offers the ideal environment for realising your ambitions.

Experienced Lawyers
Working in major centres across India & Asia-pacific worldwide, we are leaders in a wide range of practice areas. We are always interested in hearing from talented and ambitious lawyers who are looking for potential opportunities at QP Legal Services Pvt. Ltd.

Other Professionals
We are always interested in hearing from people looking for support career opportunities.

Work Culture
If you join us, we will exceed your expectations. In fact, we seldom overlook an opportunity to celebrate anything wonderful that happens to our company or the people within it. We do more than listen to our employees - we actively seek their input, perspective and ideas. Here, everyone has the opportunity to achieve their potential and enjoy their work. We believe we provide an environment in which talented people flourish. To be successful at our QPLSPL, a lawyer must be at ease working in an informal environment and have the initiative and imagination to deal with novel legal issues. The local office undertakes most of our recruitment. But there are also synchronized recruiting efforts by regional practice groups. The staffing requirement for each office varies considerably from time to time and from practice area to practice area - but an office will always be pleased to hear from you if you have a keen interest in joining the company. So whether you are a student looking to start your career, a qualified lawyer interested in a specific office or practice area, or would like to work with us in a non-legal role, you are always welcome to get in touch with our office at any time to find out what career opportunities may be available.
We value our highly driven, dynamic and committed team as the most essential component of our success, not only being key to the growth of the company, but also forming the core of our culture and value system. Our management philosophy strives to nurture an environment that allows our people to innovate, contribute and grow harmoniously. Be they interns, fresh graduates or experienced professionals, we seek to provide all the support and training necessary to bring out their best. We are an equal opportunity organization and it is a sacrosanct part of our policy not to discriminate on the basis of factors like gender, race, religion etc. Besides being stimulating and challenging, working at QP Legal Services Pvt. Ltd. is a lot of fun! We have an excellent work environment that we constantly work at maintaining and improving upon. Giving shape to great ideas, an atmosphere of open mindedness, active encouragement of new initiatives championed by individuals, and working amidst talented lawyers from diverse backgrounds - all make for a very exciting and fulfilling experience at QP Legal Services Pvt. Ltd.

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