Company Profile

QP Legal Services Private Limited (QPLSPL) is a global leader in providing complete legal outsourcing solutions to multi-national corporations and leading law firms with an objective to offer cost–effective solution and to help them improve productivity and efficiency. QPLSPL’s efficient and highly skilled attorneys qualified from the best law schools in India and overseas, engineers and consultants focus on the broad areas of contract management services, litigation services, compliance management services and intellectual property administration services to drive revenue benefits for its clients. QPLSPL is founded by Rajiv Sarin, a well-known name in the corporate world. He has served leading corporate giants like Unilever, Coca-Cola, HCL-Hewlett Packard etc. in senior positions for 30 years. He is the recipient of many awards and is the author of a well-acclaimed book “Advertising media & Telecom laws in India”. After his successful stint with Coca-Cola in India (HCCBPL), he started QP Legal Services Private Limited, a company which provides a complete legal outsourcing solution. The unrivaled experience and understanding of Mr. Rajiv Sarin have been carefully sculptured into the work ethos of QP Legal Services Private Limited.

Qui Prior Legal Services Pvt Ltd was set up with the main objective of providing exceptional legal services in terms of quality, turn-around time and responsiveness to clients. The company's thrust has been to provide legal solution to its clients with minimal turnaround time. We seek to contribute meaningfully to the significant Indian growth story through our innovative and business-centric practice of law. We take pride in on our ability to consistently provide client-centric legal solutions that is to say we develop solutions and processes that complements our clients extant business arrangement, and aspires to meet short term as well as long term goals of the client business by improving transaction efficiency and achieving higher returns on each business transaction. We keep ourselves abreast with the latest legal developments in the client-business-domain to provide a strategic legal edge to the clients.

Through our commitment and by leveraging our expertise and experience, we seek to emerge as the legal outsourcing company of choice for global entities wishing to do business in India. In furtherance of our core objectives and values, we continuously formulate and implement best practices to benefit all our stakeholders - our clients, company members, vendors and the community at large. We are an organization driven by a high level of ethics and which offers our people transformational growth along with work-life balance.
We have emerged as experts in delivering outsourcing solutions services in consonance with highest global standards which has been made possible by the unmatched comprehensive understanding of local, federal or international laws applicable on client business developed by our process experts who examine each assignment in pain-staking details with the sole objective of providing high quality and detailed deliverables and developing business intelligence for client’s future engagements. Our business strategy is underpinned by the drive to provide our clients with a world class outsourcing service, that is to say, innovative thinking in terms of products and services, investing in technology, promoting best practice across all layers of the business, implementing policies to retain talented and deserving resources. QP Legal services has unrivalled scale and depth of legal resources across the four key markets of the America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

We have a passion for our work, a strong bond with our colleagues and an unshakable dedication to our clients' interests. Our people have the ability to imagine, plan for and help our clients and one another to achieve the best result. QPLSPL has developed an attitude of seeking opportunities where some may only see problems! An environment that supports achievements and contributions, both inside and outside the office, always is the one in which people thrive and we believe that our clients will benefit with the growth of our resources and have therefore implemented robust policies to nurture the symbiotic relationship between our clients and resources. Our depth of experience and comprehensive industry focus distinguishes us from other Legal Process service providers.

Our Supervision
QPLSPL provides managed legal service solutions – with supervision both by our project managers and by you. It is our constant effort to make it easy for you to supervise the process via continual communication throughout the project. Once your project is under way, we update you with daily status reports, weekly team calls, and monthly progress reports to maintain maximum efficiency and transparency in our operations.

Our Process
We strive to maintain accuracy and efficiency by employing scientific and statistically proven methodology, such as Six Sigma, project manuals drafted in painstaking details to ensure meeting of minds on the same thing in the same sense, and continued communication channel with our clients and their counsels. We enhance our expertise with industry specific training at the start of, and during the currency of each project. This way, every QPLSPL resource working on your project acquires an expertise in the legal department, the project, and its context within your industry.